The structure of MENTOR S.A. includes a specialized team of loss adjusters which coordinates the process of loss adjustment  in property damage and claims on behalf of our Clients: Loss Adjustment and Insurance Analysis Office

Representing and assisting the Policyholder in loss adjustment and claims handling in contacts with the Insurer is one of the basic tasks of the team. In our opinion, the best insurance program is as good as the lost adjustment service and fair and appropriate indemnity payment guanteeing full compensation for the damage caused by the loss.

In order to meet this challenge we pay special attention to the reliability of assistance to our Clients in loss adjustment and claims handling. Our loss adjustment assistance begins with the notification on the claim sent to the Insurer on behalf of our Client and ends when the full sum of reimbursement is paid.

The employees of the Office are highly-qualified lawyers and technical professionals experienced in the loss adjustment matters. The scope of activity is loss adjustment in insurance policies concluded within MENTOR S.A. without any fee or contracted works in loss adjustment for other companies that do not have insurance arranged by MENTOR S.A.

Throughout 2011 Loss Adjustment and Insurance Analysis Office have succesfully conducted more than 3 000  procedures.

Total value of indemnity paid and reserves is over 57 000 000 PLN - this relates to the losses reported in 2011 only.

The biggest indemnity paid for one loss executed by Loss Adjustment team is more than 71 000 000 PLN



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