Krzysztof Łyskawa, Director
Krzysztof Łyskawa, Director

The Agricultural Office of MENTOR S.A. is a team of experienced insurance brokers working over the years with agricultural comanies, agricultural production co-operative societies as well as with individual farmers in order to ensure optimum and comprehensive insurance cover. 

Key insurance for agricultural holdings that we arrange include:

  • fire and other fortuitous events insurance,
  • theft and robbery insurance,
  • commercial liability,
  • agrocasco insurance for agricultural machines,
  • insurance of field crops (subsidized and commercial),
  • livestock insurance, compulsory consignment of livestock for slaughter


MENTOR S.A.  not only participates in negotiating insurance conditions, but also engages Loss Adjusting team in the case of claims or losses. We are able to control insurance companies at every stage of insurance placement as well as loss adjustement procedures.

Agricultural Office provides service for more than 70 agricultural companies in Poland. All of them manage more than 170 000 hectares of ground area in aggregate.

As regards the risks of winter hibernation, springtime ground frost and hail we cover more than 25 000 hectares of rapeseed.

In the scope of livestock insurance against fire and our tailored made product of compulsory consignment of livestock for slaughter insurance we cover more than 10 000 cattle.

Other insurance products that we arrange for our Clients include:

  • fire and other fortuitous events insurance (property, equipment, current assets, agricultural products)
  • theft and robbery insurance (cash, equipment, current assets),
  • commercial liability, product liability,
  • compulsory casualty liability for farmers,
  • electronic equipment all risks insurance,
  • accidents insurance,
  • vehicles insurance (vehicles, machines and agricultural equipment, agrocasco, motor hull insurance, driver's accident insurance),
  • machinery breakdown and damage insurance for agricultural machines and combine harvesters,
  • insurance of field crops (negative outcomes of winter hibernation, springtime ground frosts, hail, drought and fire),
  • livestock insurance including compulsory consignment of livestock for slaughter.


Krzysztof Łyskawa, Director

Agricultural Insurance Office,
Krzysztof Łyskawa,
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