Mentor S.A. has negotiated and is currently running several branch programs, such as the ones for the employees of:

  • The Police, 
  • Prison Service, 
  • Social Insurance Institution, 
  • Customs Service, 
  • Polish Television,
  • Fire Service, 
  • The company ENERGA,
  • The company PGE Dystrybucji Warszawa,
  • The company PGE Obrotu seated in Warsaw 
  • MPWiK Waterworks,
  • Ministry of National Defence and others.

In aggregate, Mentor SA represents the interests of more than 300 000 employees of different branches in the scope of corporate life insurance and other.

The main scope of the Group Insurance Office activity is creating unified nationwide programs of corporate life insurance addressed to the employees of particular branches. The creation of branch programs is based on close cooperation with both the employer and the trade unions which represent the employees’ interests. Approaching the corporate employee insurance as a branch program prepared by our company provides many advantages for the program’s participants, some of which are: 

  • The cover of the branch program includes a great deal more employees than an insurance prepared for a particular institution. The insurance risk is significantly more dispersed, which results in better insurance conditions and a better premium.
  • Unified insurance conditions for all employees, regardless of the size of their institution and its location. 
  • Insurance variants suited to the employees’ needs and means
  • Possibility of receiving significant discounts on the private health care offered by the insurer conducting the program 
  • Possibility of receiving discounts on property insurance from a given insurer (casualty insurance, motor hull insurance, flat insurance, etc.)
  • Considerably more attractive insurance continuation after the termination of the employment in the workplace
  • Access to an Internet portal created for a particular professional group, including all information concerning the insurance itself and other insurance products 
  • Support of our company in the case of disputed benefit payments
  • Assistance in gaining preventive means from the insurer and other

Group Insurance Office
Maciej Barcik
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