The property insurance is serviced by two main offices:


The insurance activity act makes a distinction between two basic kinds of insurance: personal insurance and property insurance, including, among other things, casualty insurance.

Under the property insurance we may insure, e.g. buildings and structures with the equipment, machines, devices, raw materials, good, produced objects, cultivated crops, agricultural products, works of art, legal tenders, securities, jewellery, yachts, planes, ships, boats, vehicles. The casualty insurance, in turn, protects us in the case when we cause somebody damage and we are obliged to remedy it. 

The Clients of Mentor S.A. can be always sure that with our help they will be able to properly allocate difficult risks and that the qualified brokers will supervise the correct functioning of insurance cover throughout the whole period of cooperation.
Our employees ensure the preparation of comprehensive insurance cover for even the most demanding Clients.


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