Main activity of Mentor is insurance intermediary between Insurance Companies and Clients. Service starts from presenting insurance offers, chose of Insurer, negotiations of conditions, concluding and service of insurance agreements.


claims adjustment

Claims adjustment

We actively participate in holistic process of claims adjustment and vindication procedures. Each year we adjust several thousand of claims from every type of insurance coverage on the market.




Within broker service we conduct insurance audits for our Clients. Their goal is to analyse risks and possible threats for business activity and are basis for insurance program and risk prevention.

  • Mentor

    We are insurance broker
    active on market in Poland since 1994.

    We distinguish ourselves by usage of knowledge and experience in risk management, technical assessment of companies and claims adjustment services.

    We offer IT solutions that deliver our Clients online view on our actions, policy and claims adjustment proceedings. For our Clients we created 20 specialized Departments that cater for different types of businesses.

    We insure energy market, chemistry, aviation and agriculture. We are top broker for healthcare providers. We provide service for state, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

  • Who is a broker?

    We know how much can be included in the definition of "an insurance broker". Our activities are multistage and focused on many levels. We always propose an analysis of existing insurance programmes and negotiate insurance conditions with insurers in order to give you the highest guarantee of security.

    The solutions we propose take into account not only the stage of concluding a contract and payment of premiums, but also the manner and scope of compensation of damages. We take part in the liquidation of damages and payment of compensation, so that the contractual provisions negotiated by us are fully implemented. The guarantee of our services is also supported by legal requirements. Each year we take out a high level liability insurance for our company.

    When considering cooperation with Mentor S.A. it should be remembered that insurance brokerage services provided by a broker differ significantly from those offered by insurance agents. We guarantee you a choice completely independent and dictated only by your interest. We are not linked with any insurance company, we do not perform agency activities consisting in representing insurers.

  • Why Mentor?

    We are not afraid of new challenges and we keep the Client's interest in mind at every level of our activity. At the same time we try to provide added value to the services offered by our company.

    This is exemplified by the innovative IT solutions we have developed, e.g. the Client Panel, portals dedicated to the service of a given Client, the claims handling system, which allows constant access to the list of policies concluded, property insured or claims proceedings conducted.

    We continuously develop the risk analysis and assessment process, which is extremely important in the case of insuring the so-called difficult branches. An expression of this is the creation of Mentor Risk Control (MRC) application for conducting safety audits, which received the PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) award for its innovation.

    We were the first in the market to introduce a service of building comprehensive benefit programmes Mentor Benefit, constituting an extension of brokerage services in the field of group life insurance.

    In turn, as a consortium of Mentor S.A. / MedRisk Sp. z o.o. we provide innovative services to support medical centres within the MedRisk Programme. It aims to gradually identify elements that increase the risk of medical activity and result in an improvement in the quality of patient care.

Mentor's people
> 260
employment contracts
> 1270
> 160
licenced brokers
qualified lawyers

awards and distinctions
confirming the highest level of services

Good Company

in The Best Employer category

of the Polish Economy

in the category „Partner of Foreign Companies”

of the Polish Economy
2020, 2019

„Best Quality” Category

Award of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

for the MRC Application

European Medal

for the "ProCyberRisk" service to protect personal data

for the program "Risk Management of Local Government Units

for the "MedRisk"

Employer of Pomerania and Kujawy
2017, 2016

in the category of Medium and Large Enterprise, for maintaining above-average working conditions and special care for employees


Mentor S.A.
a leading insurance broker in Poland

Mentor S.A. provides comprehensive brokerage activities at the highest level, confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate. We guarantee absolute confidentiality of the information entrusted to us, confirmed by the Information Security Management System (ISO 27001:2017 certificate).

We are currently the largest broker with exclusively Polish capital, having been at the top of the rankings of brokerage companies in Poland for years.

Moreover, numerous awards and distinctions granted to our Company are a confirmation of the provision of services at the highest level.


confirming the highest level of services

ISO Certificates
We work according to the implemented and certified quality standard ISO 9001:2015

We have also implemented the ISO 27001:2017 Information Security Management System standard.

Mentor’s numbers
more than
more than
claims handled
million Euro
third party liability insurance
sum of the broker
billion PLN
value of insured
in good company

Mentor S.A. has been effectively developing relations with foreign brokers for years. Thanks to them Mentor represents in Poland the insurance interests of the Clients of brokerage companies from all over the world. We are proud that foreign brokers have entrusted us with the care of insurance contracts of their Clients.

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Branch Offices
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Sales Office Mentor S.A.
Powstańców Wielkopolskich 10
85-090 Bydgoszcz
tel: +48 52 321 48 03
tel2: 606 25 67 67
fax: +48 56 669 33 04


Branch Office Mentor S.A.
Porcelanowa 19 (building A)
40-246 Katowice
tel: +48 32 730 22 19
tel2: +48 32 661 04 94


Branch Office Mentor S.A.
Gertrudy 23/2
31-048 Kraków
tel: +48 12 661 90 30
tel2: +48 12 626 16 47


Branch Office Mentor S.A.
Wólczańska 128/134
90-527 Łódź
tel: +48 42 231 56 01
tel2: +48 725 202 420


Sales Office Mentor S.A.
Pana Balcera 6 lok. 105
20-631 Lublin
tel: +48 81 533 39 32


Branch Office Mentor S.A.
Ratajczaka 32/18
61-816 Poznań
tel: +48 61 842 71 84
tel2: +48 61 843 20 06


Branch Office Mentor S.A.
Kwiatkowskiego 2B/17L
35-311 Rzeszów
tel: +48 17 283 94 20
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fax: +48 17 283 94 22


Branch Office Mentor S.A.
Marii Konopnickiej 18/1
71-150 Szczecin
tel: +48 91 489 13 41
tel2: +48 91 432 42 07


Affiliated company Mentor S.A.
Gorśkoji 5a
79018 Lwów, Ukraina
tel: +38 050 370 14 83
tel2: +48 609 690 111
fax: +38 032 237 47 17

Warszawa I

Branch Office Mentor S.A.
Bukowińska 10 lok. 98
02-703 Warszawa
tel: +48 22 654 12 50
fax: +48 22 654 12 49

Warszawa II

Branch Office Mentor S.A.
Cybernetyki 13a
02-677 Warszawa
tel: +48 22 506 58 70

Sales Office Mentor S.A.
Ludwiki 4 lok A
01-226 Warszawa
tel: +48 22 627 37 65
tel2: +48 22 627 37 66


Branch Office Mentor S.A.
Krzycka 15a/9
53-019 Wrocław
tel: +48 609 611 352
tel2: +48 71 343 12 21
fax: +48 71 342 43 61


Mentor S.A.
Szosa Chełmińska 177-181
87-100 Toruń
tel: +48 56 669 33 00
fax: +48 56 669 33 04

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Włodzimierz (Vladimir)
Property and casualty insurance

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Jacek Szok
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Szymon Błaździewicz
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